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Welcome to! On this website, we track dollar bills. That's right, we have a system in place that allows you to trace a specific note around the world. This is a free website where members from anywhere can register dollar bills, and then track where they go after they spend them. keeps data on how many bills members enter, and various statistics on dollar bills. As a member, you can enjoy interaction with other people who track their dollar bills, and connect with who found your specific dollars. You can also learn interesting facts about dollar bills. We encourage everyone to participate.

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How do you track dollar bills?

track dollar billsTracking dollar bills is very simple. You will have to enter the denomination, bill series, serial number, and your postal code. You will also be asked where did you get the note, what is its condition and a quick comment about it. Once you have entered all of the information on the bills that you want to track, then go and spend them. The money will be in circulation.

When someone else enters one of your bills, he will see that you did it before as well. At that point, you will receive an email telling you where the dollar bill is located now. Of course, the more bills you register, the more chances you will have of finding out where your notes are going. Enter them all, and you will greatly increase the odds that they will be found and entered into our system.

Tracking dollar bills is FUN! Follow them to the next location when a new person enters in the bills again and create the money journey.

Can you give me a guided tour of the website?

follow bills guided tourLearn all about with this guided tour. You will find information on all the aspects of the site including hits, reports, graphs, statistics, the community, and much more.

You can leave the guided tour at any time if you prefer to explore the site on your own. If you do take the full tour, we will show you the details about what we offer and how you can participate. Enjoy the tour!

Enter a Dollar Bill

Bill Series:
Serial Number: (10 or 11 chars)
Current Zip/Postal Code:
Current Country:
Where did you get this bill:
What is the condition of this bill:
Comment about this bill:

What is the point of tracking my dollar bills?

what is point tracking dollar billsWhy not track your dollar bills? Have you ever wondered where your money has been? Did you ever see a dollar that has been wrinkled or torn and wonder why? Did you ever write on a bill and hope that a certain message gets passed around? With this website, you have the opportunity to follow the real life story of your dollars.

When you register your dollar bills, and someone else finds it, the real fun begins. You can find out how far your dollar bills have traveled further than you have! Another fun part of this website is the ranking system. It is based on how many dollar bills individuals have entered. This adds an element of friendly competition.

Remember that this is an interactive system, and there are other members. You can chat on the forum with people who found your bills, and others. This is an opportunity to make new friends. Your dollar bills could end up in the hands of some interesting people from some interesting places. Why not check it out, just for fun?

How can I contribute?

How to contribute to follow dollars
Anyone can participate. Just join our website by signing up for a free account. Take out some dollars and enter in the requested information on the Enter a Dollar Bill page. Talk with your friends and encourage them to particpate by visiting Spend the money and see what happens. You can register as many bills as you want. It's fun, easy, and it's free.

All you have to do is register with us. We do ask for your email address, but be assured that you will not receive any unwanted email from us, and we won't give it to anyone else. Once you are a part of our website, you can chat in our forums in addition to tracking dollar bills.

You may also contribute by submitting ideas on how we can make this project more successful. Thinking of ways to promote our website would be a great contribution, aside from actually tracking your own bills. We value all of the suggestions of our members, and encourage everyone to join in the fun.

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